Profitable Tips for Amazon Marketplace Sellers

For many, selling on Amazon is a profitable venture. Not only does Amazon allow sellers to list thousands of different products, it then displays and markets these products to over a million shoppers. What you sell can be just as important as how and where you sell, but the following tips should help you to boost sells, regardless of what you product you are offering to the Amazon customer base.

The first tip is to research the product you plan to list. You will want to know what that item generally sells for online, as well as what it sells for on Amazon. Make note of the highest and lowest price. Since many shoppers sort their search results by price, you will want to have your product show up higher in these results. This is not to say that you should price your item the lowest if you cannot afford to do so, but instead that price will be an important factor in how fast the item sells.

Speaking of site searches, the title of your listing will be very important. Brand names, and other keywords should be included. If applicable, list the size, colour, or other distinguishing elements. Think for a moment about the search terms that you would enter if it were you searching for that product. This will help you to know what to include in the title. Again, research can be beneficial, as you can see how the top search results for the product are worded.

Do include as many details about the product as you can. It can be tempting to skimp on this step to save time, but buyers want to learn as much as they can about an item before agreeing to make a purchase. The Amazon listing page allows you to select from several different parameters, but the actual written description is up to you. Without being overly wordy, write an accurate description that points out the details and features of the product.

The last tip actually applies to post-sale actions. Amazon does have a feedback section, and shoppers will be able to view your rating. Because of this, it is important to ship your items quickly and securely in order to keep your seller rating high. Remember, you are certainly not the only person selling in the Amazon marketplace. If your seller rating is low, buyers may go elsewhere. Should you need help with feedback problems, contact Amazon.